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Michael talks about the charity 'Fight For Sight'

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Fight For Sight are the leading UK charity funding cutting-edge science to bring about new treatments to transform the lives of people affected by sight loss. They take on the big challenges in eye research, funding the early stage research that leads to big breakthroughs.

Back a breakthrough

As the leading UK charity dedicated to funding pioneering eye research we know that science with a focus on pioneering eye research we know that research can unlock solutions and transform lives. The researchers we fund are on the cusp of so many breakthroughs, delivering over 160 projects at universities and hospitals around the UK. Join us in backing a breakthrough. Help create a world that everyone can see.

Message from Ikram Dahman

Blinding eye conditions don’t discriminate – they can affect anyone, at any age. We want to make sure that each and every single person can get the treatment they need. We are so proud to work with our long-time supporter Michael Owen, who has experienced first-hand how sight loss can affect a family. Now more than ever, we need to give hope to families across the UK and find treatments that can restore precious vision. Our researchers are working extremely hard day in day out to make this happen, but we need your support to get us over the line in finding the next major breakthrough.

Chief Executive (interim)
Fight for Sight

The eye research breakthroughs happening now, thanks to you.

Today, belief in the power of science has never been so deserved, with vaccines against Covid-19 leading us out of a global crisis. Eye research too has made huge leaps forward, making important gains for people with sight loss.

Back a breakthrough in glaucoma

Glaucoma is the world’s second leading cause of blindness. It affects 60 million people worldwide – nearly half a million in the UK alone.

At present sight lost from glaucoma is irreversible which is why Fight for Sight is dedicated to funding the most promising studies aimed at preventing and treating this devastating condition