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Winning An Epic Draws Prize

Winners are drawn at random on the date specified within the Experience Rules. All winners are contacted by email and telephone (if they’ve provided a phone number).

When you buy entries, a unique Entry Code is generated and securely logged in the draw database. The more entries you buy, the more times it is logged. For example, if you buy 25 entries, it will be logged 25 times, increasing the chance of it being drawn for a prize. If you entered by post, each individual entry is coded and entered into the draw database.

We use an independent verifiably random electronic process to make each draw. Read about draw compliance here

We always contact our potential winners via email as well as phone (if this has been provided). Be sure to save epicdraws.com as a safe sender!

Yes. There will be a guaranteed winner for the VIP days with Michael Owen. For announcement dates, please see the relevant Experience Rules.

No, we use an independent verifiably random electronic process to make each draw. Read about draw compliance here

The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.

No matter what happens somebody is guaranteed to be the winner for the 3 VIP days with Michael Owen and all our other draws.

Draw Entry Code

When you buy entries to the 3 VIP days with Michael Owen and any other epic draws, that purchase is automatically assigned an Entry Code. It’s a 16 digit unique number that links to your transaction.

You can find your Entry Code in your confirmation email. You can also find your Entry Code next to your purchase details in Your Account at EpicDraws.com. We are unable to provide codes for postal entries, but they are entered into the same draw database and have exactly the same chance of being picked to win.

Account Creation

Creating an account will allow you to view your purchase details and find your Entry Code. You can also find your Entry Code in your confirmation email. Find out more.

All orders are automatically saved in an account under the email with which they're made. However, the associated account is not automatically activated. If you've never logged into EpicDraws.com before, you'll want to create an account login using the same email you used to make your order! You can do this at the check-out or afterwards by creating an account here, creating an account.

Yes. Just go to here and click ‘create an account’. Just make sure you use the same email address that you gave when you purchased the entries.

Simply click here and complete a few details. Please make sure you use the same email address you used at checkout.

Simply click here to login to your Epic Draws account.


No. We're an online fundraising platform that helps charities reach their fundraising goals.

We are partnering with the charities detailed against each draw.

No. There are no costs and no risks for the charity. For the 3 VIP days with Michael Owen and all our other draws, there’s a guaranteed winner of the prize and a donation to the charity no matter what.

At the end of each campaign the charity receives a minimum of 80% of the net proceeds of the draw with Epic Draws receiving the remaining 20% as our fee. Net proceeds means everything that is left over after deducting the costs of the prizes and marketing only. In the event where insufficient entries are sold to cover the costs of prizes and marketing, Epic Draws guarantees the charity will receive a minimum donation and that all prizes will be paid out.

All questions, comments or complaints should be made via the contact us form. Any complaints will be addressed in accordance with our terms of use.

Entering a draw

There is no limit but we encourage and support responsible participation at all times.

The Promotion is open to entrants who are at least 18 years of age and resident in the United Kingdom.

Fight For Sight Charity

Fight for Sight remains easily the largest charity in the UK dedicated to funding research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease. Over the last twelve months, they have invested £3.8m into research out of their total charitable spend of £4.1m. They are currently funding research at almost fifty universities and hospitals across the UK. They have also continued vital work to raise awareness of medical research for eye health and maintained their policy and influencing activity work to draw attention urgent need for more government funding for eye research. Find out more